Jezzies, I need advice as to whether or not I am overreacting about something.

I live in an apartment complex. In my building there are four units. The one across from me is empty, the one under me is usually empty, the other is inahabited by a sweet older lady. About a month ago, a guy moved into the unit below me and he was chain smoking cigarillos. The apartments are old and not well insulated, my whole apartment reeked and I was kinda pissed. I talked to him really courteously, and it got somewhat manageable after that. He said he was only in town for a few weeks visiting his father so I figured I could deal.

A few days ago he came back. The smell was again disgusting, and totally fed up with the ridiculousness of people being able to smoke inside a shared unit in 2013, I called my mom and bitched on the phone for a little while. I think he heard me, because he definitely sprayed some air freshener or something— it didn't really work, but I appreciated the effort and started to feel really bad that I had complained so much.


BUT— last night, at like 11:30, dude comes up and knocks on my damn door. The walls are paper thin, he could totally tell that I had turned off the TV and moved into my bedroom (even though I am a slight person and walk around very quietly, you can hear every movement in these condos). He walked up the stairs super quietly and knocked super quietly and I was SO fucking creeped out. I should mention that there is something really sketchy about this guy (and I am normally a very trusting person, to the point of naïveté). I didn't answer the door, because I was there all alone and HELL NO! Thankfully, my boyfriend comes back tomorrow.

Am I totally blowing this out of proportion? Smething about the situation really gave me thr willies, but maybe I'm just being paranoid. Gah, I really hate being a girl sometimes.